Randez-Vous (2018) – We date – we peep – we meet – we peep – we talk – we arrange meetings – we peep - we meet. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, corridor, balcony, stairs, park, car, changing room in the store.These are just some of the space to live and be - alone and in company; to perform everyday and unprecedented activities; to spend time in them - just like or for example to take sexual activities on the vision. The book consists of records of specyfic conversations between the participants of erotic chats on the Internet and photos of empty spaces in which people transmit their intimate performances. 


Re:collection (2013) – There are three flowers that secrete an intense scent during the flowering time that are closed behind a plexi glass. I have made 9 wholes in the each plexi glass so that the recipient could sense the aroma himself/herself. With the passing of time the flowers will be wilting, losing its’ fragrant properties so as memories related with them will be fading, becoming elusive, blending with the succeeding years of life. It is a project considering past, childhood memories, memory of places and scents. It refers to the things both left and written in the memory.


As a memento (2014) – The book As a memento, considers an old photographical tradition that nowadays has lost its previous meaning. Text located on the reverse side - an inherent element of old, developed on paper photographs - in the era of digital browsing is impossible to make, apply or reproduce. My work pays attention to various properties of texts written on the reverse side - such as questions of individual handwriting or functions of the messages they consist of. It is also a kind of farewell with the characters of the portraits who in most cases are dead - the text adnotation is a specific tribute to them. The work has two eschatological threads: the one related with people and the other refering to the artistic medium as such. It is a direct reflexion on a memory notion in photography.


Silence (2018) – Video-mantra in which photographs are presented without photography itself. I have removed the ability to display images from the browser, showing only empty words / tags, which users of the Application Intagram describe their work.The work pays attention to the multiplicity of emerging images and their overflow on the internet.